Maintaining Bikes

26 Dec

Bikes are manual vehicles with a pair of wheels fixed close to one another.  A bicycle usually has holding curved metal at the up front for controlling the direction of the bicycle.  Bikes also have a motor that propels them.  Engine driven bikes use petrol product that is converted into energy for propelling the bike.  Manual bikes require one to move the peddles in a circular manner.  The pair of peddle is usually connected to the back wheel.   Their wheels have a tube in them that holds air pumped into it.

Bikes are cycled for body fitness. Bicycles have safety precautions because they can cause an accident when they fall down when they are in motion. A cyclist should wear a head cover.  Bicycles don't heat anywhere and can be used when one wants to go to a far place.  The energy for moving the wheels comes from the cyclist.  One should buy a bicycle that is specifically designed for sport if they will be travelling far.  Mountain bikes are designed for height climbing and long distances.  They have a system of gears that alters the position of chain on both the back wheel and the peddle.  Buttons are fixed at the holding peddles to shift gears. 

One can change the position of the gear when they get to a sloppy place.  Bicycle with a gear system are good when one wants to travel far.  Bicycles are used for purposes such as body fitness as they help one burn their body calories.  Some countries require one to wear cycling costumes.  Bicycles are also used for sports where cyclist competes in sport activities on speed and styles of cycling it.  Watching cyclist compete is usually amazing. Check this website about cycling.

Bikes are also designed for different groups.  Some are made for aged people while others are designed for kids. Baby bikes are usually small in size.  Kids bikes are however designed different from other bicycles.  Their characteristics are different from other bikes.  Kids bikes usually have a set of other supportive wheels on both sides of the back wheel.  This is a safety measure that ensures that the kids don't easily fall when cycling them.  Bicycles are made to fit a specific group, click here!          

Bicycles require regular maintenance.  Bike riders are supposed to check the state of the bike regularly. One should check the brake pads because they easily get worn out.  Cables connecting them should also be checked to ensure total safety when cycling. Also, one should keep checking the condition of the wheels.  Spoked bikes needs regular fastening of the spokes.  It's always good to repair a puncture immediately it happens.  If you keep it in the bicycle store without repairing, you might find that your tube has already had other punctures.  Bicycles should also have a store where they are kept when they are not being used.

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